Whatsapp's Message Yourself Feature

How To Use Whatsapp’s Message Yourself Feature: Step-By-Step Guide

In a recent update, WhatsApp, owned by Meta, presented an interesting new instrument–‘ Message Yourself feature’– permitting users to chat just like they would with anyone else. This function was first flung out as a beta version, but it is currently accessible to both iOS and Android customers.

It is especially beneficial because it enables WhatsApp clients to send notifications, promptings, and updates just to themselves. Moreover, they can likewise direct photo-sharing, video-sharing, sound-sharing, and document-sharing from their phones’ gallery or file manager right into the chat. To utilize this feature, these are the steps to take:

What does the WhatsApp Message Yourself feature do?

The service “Message Yourself” enables users to send messages to themselves, giving them the power to issue reminders and personal notes within the app. Before this feature, a workaround was necessary to achieve similar results; additionally, it allows users to share videos, photos, and voice recordings with themselves.

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Learn How To Send Messages Using The Whatsapp Message Yourself Feature.

To install the latest version of WhatsApp, first, go to either the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and Update to the latest version. Once this is done, follow these steps:

  • To use WhatsApp, open it on your Android or iOS device.
  • Click on the new chat option.
  • Additionally, users will see their contact at the top of the list of contacts.
  • Select it and begin messaging yourself.

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Final thoughts about the Message Yourself feature on Whatsapp

The Message Yourself feature on WhatsApp allows users to remain organized and send themselves reminders, notes, and updates. To-dos, shopping lists, and other important information can be stored.

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