Take Screenshots on Samsung Galaxy S21

How To Take Screenshots on Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G

Hello! Today’s article will cover how to take Screenshots on Samsung Galaxy S21+. I have a simple and detailed guide for you.

A vital feature of a tablet or mobile phone is taking screenshots. This means that you can capture an image of what is on your Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G screen right now.

You can find applications that perform this function, but you don’t need to install them, as the Android 11 One UI 3.1 operating platform already includes it.

You can take a screenshot and send it to Tinder, WhatsApp, Instagram Story, Facebook Photo, or Video Frame in the memory of your Shopping mode Samsung phone.

Capture a screenshotwith six different methods in Galaxy S21+

It is extremely useful to take screenshots, save, and share information in today’s digital age.

You can, for example, take a screenshot from a bill page to save it as a reference.

You have many options to take screenshots with Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus.

This guide will show you 6 simple ways to take samsung galaxy s21+ 5G screenshots.

  • Key Combination
  • Edge Panel
  • Palm Swipe to Capture gesture
  • Assistant Menu
  • Using Your Voice (Google Assistant)
  • Application from a Third Party

Method #1 – Take Screenshots Using Key Combination

To take a screenshot in samsung galaxy s21+ 5G, press both the power and volume buttons simultaneously.

Take Screenshots on Samsung Galaxy S21+ using button

You’ll need to visit the gallery to see all the screenshots you have taken. There are a few options: you can edit, share, or delete them.

You can also set them as wallpaper.

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Method #2 – Take Screenshots on Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G with Edge Panel

The Edge panel option lets you quickly access your favorite applications, features (including screenshots), and favorite contacts.

How do I activate Edge Panel Feature?

To enable Edge Panel Feature, follow the steps below:

  • First, go toSettings App.
  • Scroll down to selectDisplay.
  • Next, tap on theEdge screen.
  • Now, turn onthe Edge panels.
  • TheEdge Panelnow appears on the screen
  • Finally,Swipe leftfor the edge panel feature
  • It’s That!

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Method #3 – Take a Screenshot using Palm Swipe Gesture

  • All you need is to visit yourSetting app.
  • Scroll down to theAdvancedsection. Here you’ll findMotion & Speech control.
  • You will see aPalm swipe button at the bottom to capture. You need to turn it back on if it needs to be turned on.
Take a Screenshot on samsung galaxy s21+ 5G using Palm Swipe Gesture
  • You can now take a screenshot by swiping your edge on the Galaxy S21+ screen.
  • That’s it

This is a straightforward method. Swipe to take a screenshot.

Method #4 – Take a Screenshot With Assistant Menu

  • First, open yourSettings App
  • Next, go toInteraction and Dexterity
  • Final step: Enable theAssistantmenu.
  • That’s it!

Method #5: Using Your Voice (Google Assistant)

  • Press and hold the home button.
  • Next, say, ”Ok, Google. Take a screenshot.”
  • That’s it!

Method #6 – Using Third-Party Application

  • First, open the Google Play Store
  • Type “HT0_ Screenshot ” into the search box.
  • That’s it!

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Long Screenshot of Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus

  • First, go to theSettingsApplication
  • Scroll down to selectAdvanced features
  • Now, select screen capture and screen recorder.
  • Finally, enable theScreenshot Toolbar
  • That’s it!

How View your Taken Screenshots on Samsung Galaxy s21+ 5G

  • You can view the screenshots you have taken by going to theGallery app.
  • Next, go to thescreenshotfolder.
  • You can see all of the screenshots you have taken.
  • That’s it!

Final Thoughts:

This Step-by-step guide coveredHow To Take Screenshots on Samsung Galaxy S21 Plusin six easy steps.

We hope that you find this article helpful and valuable. More similar Take Screenshot guides can be found here.If you really liked this article, then please subscribe to ourYouTube Channelfor WordPress video tutorials. You can also find us onTwitterandFacebook.

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