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One of the most important features in tablets or mobile phones is the ability to take screenshots. So today we are going to discuss how to take screenshot in Samsung. There are applications that do this, however, it is not necessary to install an additional application because it’s part of Android 10. Android 10 operating system.

If you take a screenshot you can share that WhatsApp conversation Tinder Instagram Story, Facebook video or photo frame to the internal memory on Samsung devices. Samsung device.

How to Take Screen Shot on the Samsung Galaxy A12 Using volume Buttons

To take screenshot in a12 samsung, Press power button and volume down key simultaneously, then release the Power/Side and the Volume buttons.

Screen Shot on the Samsung Galaxy A12 Using volume Buttons

To see the image you’ve taken:

  1. From the Home screen swipe left from the center of the display to get to the screen for apps.
  2. Tap Gallery .
  3. Tap Albums(lower-left).
  4. Tap Screenshots.

How to take screenshot in Samsung galaxy a12 Using Palm Swipe Features

There’s a another method to take the screenshot in Samsung galaxy a12, you can make use of palm swipes to take a picture without having to press an icon.

  • To turn on this feature, you need to visit Settings and then click on the Advanced option and then motions & Gestures. Turn on Palm swipes to record.
  • Now , you can take a picture by sliding an edge of your finger onto the phone’s screen.
  • To view your Screenshot visit the gallery and navigate to the newly added pictures.
take screenshot in Samsung galaxy a12 Using Palm Swipe Features

How to take a screenshot in Samsung a12 using Assistant Menu

If you are looking for something that is easier to use to take a screenshot in Samsung a12, you could try Assistant Menu. It is the only option in case you’ve tried all of the keys on Your Galaxy A12 are broken and no other solution works.

To enable the Assistant Menu Go into Settings , Accessibility and Interaction and Dexterity and then tap in the Assistant menu. Then, a small circular shape will pop up. Click and hold upon the circle. A range of options will pop up. Click on Screenshots. The screen will blink white, signalling that a screen shot has been taken.

take a screenshot in Samsung a12 using Assistant Menu

Here are a few methods to take screenshot in samsung a12 phone. It’s nice of Samsung to add a few tools that can be used to capture screenshots even when the hardware buttons fail. Do you know of alternatives to taking screen captures? Tell us by commenting below.

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