How to Schedule Instagram Reels and Live

How to Schedule Instagram Reels and Live

If you’re looking to schedule Instagram reels and live , it’s essential to understand how the platform works. And if you don’t already have an account, it’s time to create one! With Instagram, users can post videos and photos that are viewable on the app and other platforms such as YouTube. While some users might prefer to post straight up, Live is a great way to market your brand or product.

Can you schedule a Reel on Instagram? It’s a common question for new Instagram users, so the answer is yes, you can schedule the reels and post. Here we will discuss someInstagram tricksto schedule Instagram live and reels.

How You Can Schedule Instagram Live and Reels

Users can also set upload times while traveling or at work to ensure they do not miss the golden hour for a sufficient amount of engagement. To utilize this feature, it is necessary to install access to an Android or iOS Instagram mobile application.

Step 1.Open Instagram and then navigate to the Reels section.

Step 2:Create or upload a reel.

Step 3:Finish the procedure (adding effects, cover photos, captions, hashtags, and much more).

Step 4:You’ll see the option Schedule, then tap this and choose the desired date and time you’d like to transfer your Reel.

This way will upload your reel at the exact time you’ve set.

Here’s how to program Instagram Live:

Step 1:Launch Instagram on your phone.

2. Tap the plus icon located in the upper right corner.

Step 3:Click the Live option.

Step 4:You’ll be able to choose a schedule to the left.

Step 5:Determine the date and time you’d like to live.

How Do I Schedule Instagram Reels With Hootsuite

You Can use Hootsuite toorganize your Reelsto publish automatically at any point soon.

To schedule and create the creation of Reel using Hootsuite, Follow these steps:

  • Create your video, then edit it (adding effects and sounds) within Instagram. You can edit your video using the Instagram application.
  • Save the Reel onto your mobile device.
  • You can tap in Hootsuite the“Createicon at the top left-hand menu to launch the Composer.
  • Choose the Instagram Business account you want to post the Reel.
  • Under theContentsection, chooseReels.
  • Download the Reel you saved onto your device. Videos should be five between 5 and 90 seconds and have an aspect ratio of 9/16.
  • Create captions. It is possible to include emojis as well as hashtags, as well as include other accounts in your caption.
  • Change other settings. You can turn off comments, stitching, and duets for your blog posts.
  • Review your Reel, clickto post it nowto make it available immediately, or…
  • …clickSchedule for laterto schedule your Reel at a later date and time. You can choose a manual publication date or one of threesuggested times to post to ensure maximum engagement.

Then you’re done! Your Reel will be displayed in the planner, and your other social media posts are scheduled for posting. You can then modify, delete, or duplicate your Reel and transfer it into drafts.

When the Reel is published, it’ll show up within your feed and the Reels tab of your account.

Note:You can currently only create and plan Reels on your desktop (but you’ll be able to see the schedule Reels within the planner of the Hootsuite mobile application).

How Do You Plan Reels By Using Creator Studio

You can program the posting of both Facebook or Instagram Reels with Creator Studio –It’s an excellent tool for those who need to create updates to Facebook or Instagram.

If you manage accounts on social media across different platforms, a specific social media tool such as Hootsuite can be beneficial. It is possible to use Hootsuite to create content schedules to post on Instagram and Facebook pages in addition to TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest, all from one location.

Here’s how to Schedule Instagram Reels using Creator Studio:

  • Log in to Creator Studio
  • ClickCreate a postand select eitherInstagram FeedorInstagram Video(depending on the length of your video)
  • (It isn’t apparent, we’re sure! However, this videois expected to postas a Reel, as Instagram is making all non-Story-related videos be Reels.)
  • Optimize your content to be suitable for Reels (if required). This is the time to crop or reframe vertical video clips.
  • Include your caption
  • Plan your Reel. You can also make it available immediately or save it as a draft.

Also, an important note: You can use Creator Studio to schedule Reels when the account you’re using on your Instagram account is linked to an official Facebook Business Page.


In conclusion, if you’re looking to take your Instagram account to the next level, schedule instagram live and reels to get the most out of your platform. Using the above methods, you can keep your followers engaged and engaged with your content, which can help you grow your following and build business relationships.

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