How to make computer faster
How to make computer faster


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These great tips can speed your computer if you have been searching online for “how to make computer faster” but not getting very far. Don’t worry you Got your answer here.

You’ve probably noticed your computer’s basic functions slowing down if you have had it for longer than a year. This can be caused by many factors, including excessive files and bugs in the operating system. While some of these issues can be avoided or mitigated, others are part of the computer’s normal life cycle. You can Also know about how to format laptop.

How To Make PC Run Faster

There are some important things that Can make your pc faster

1. Restart your computer

If your computer is experiencing a slowdown, turn off the sleep/hibernate modes and shut it down immediately. You can close all open programs and stop your computer from becoming clogged with unnecessary processes. Before you do this, be sure to save all of your work.

2. Unneeded startup apps should be disabled

Some programs will start running as soon as you log into your computer. You should deactivate certain apps to speed up your computer. Open the taskbar (Ctrl + Alt +?Del), go to Task Manager, and then click on the ‘Startup tab’ within the menu. Some of these startup steps may prove to be beneficial for you and your system. Consider which programs or apps you don’t use every day when you open up your computer each morning and then disable them.

3. Run regular updates

Regular updates do not reduce computer speed. They can fix security flaws and performance issues with Windows. It’s worth it on a regular basis.

4. Check Your Hard Disk Space

As a rule of thumb, keep your hard drive at 15%. To speed up your computer, you can delete files and programs if you notice that the hard drive is nearly full.

PC: You can use cleanup programs to free up space on your hard drive. These include clearing browser history, clearing temporary files, clearing browser history and deleting cookies. 

5. Closed Unused Tabs

It may be helpful to close all tabs that you have open while working on a large project. Many browsers offer the option to return previous tabs after you have restarted or condensed your browser.

6. Large/unnecessary files can be deleted or removed

Temporary files, such as caches or cookies downloaded from the internet, can eat up lots of space on your hard drive. So to make computer work faster delete the unnecessary files from your PC.

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7. Back up your data

Backups can be beneficial if your computer has a lot of memories.

Here are some ways to back up your computer.

  • Buy an external hard drive
  • You can backup online via Google Photos, Amazon Drive and Dropbox. (More file sharing
  • Keep a backup on a DVD or CD and keep it safe.

Backups of your data allow your computer to free up RAM and the OS to make your computer run Faster.

8. Increase your RAM

What makes a computer faster RAM or processor? So the answer is both makes a computer faster and RAM is a key component of your computer’s performance. RAM allows you to run multiple operations at once, and stores information in temporary memory. You can perform more simultaneous operations if you have more RAM. Upgrades from 2GB to 4GB or 8GB can significantly improve performance on any computer, no matter how old.

9. Get rid of all the junk on your hard drive

How to clean up my computer to make it faster? Is a common query we got from internet so here is step by step guide for this query.

To open Disk Cleanup, go to the Start menu and type Disk Cleanup. This utility has been part of Windows since the beginning of Windows. Disk Cleanup will locate unwanted junk on your computer, such as temporary files and offline Web pages. It also offers the ability to remove them all at once. Your Recycle Bin may be bulging. This will generally have a minimal effect on your drive’s speed.

10. Remove unnecessary programs.

Uninstalled programs can also slow down your computer. Take a look at all of your programs and uninstall any that have not been used in six months. There are likely to be at least one or two programs that you forgot about installing.

11. Delete temporary file. 

Temporary Files are technical files that your system uses to execute functions. They’re temporary and, as their name suggests, only needed for a short time. They can slow down your computer and take up space. You can delete temporary Windows files in different ways depending on the system. However, all of these options will make your computer run faster, especially if you haven’t done so in the past. For that Press WIN+R key and type temp and delete all the files.

12. Remove large files that you don’t use.

The amount of space available on your computer also affects its speed. You can go through your files and find ways to delete anything you don’t use. Images and videos are notorious space-hoggers. You can delete them, store them on an external drive, or upload them to a cloud storage area.


So Using the above methods you can make your pc run faster If any Query then comment below or you follow Xhubh on YouTube , FACEBOOK and Instagram for regular updates.



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