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How to hide apps in vivo Let us know how you can hide your apps from vivo

The phone’s slim design and high performance make it a great choice for its intended purpose. Vivo phones are equipped with the Funtouch operating system. It is reliable, secure, fast, and easy to use.

Vivo smartphones offer a user-friendly interface and superior performance. Vivo smartphones with FuntouchOS 9.0 or higher can be hidden apps.

To hide apps on Vivo smartphones running Funtouch OS 3.1, 3.2, or 4.0 (exclusive of Vivo V5s or Vivo V5 Plus), third party software must be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Now let’s see how to hide apps from Vivo smartphones.

How to Hide Apps in Vivo for Funtouch OS 9.0 and higher:

Go to Settings > Fingerprint and Face and Password (Face and passwords), Privacy > Hide App. It will not be displayed on the Home screen, Recent Apps interface, or in app lists. You will also cease receiving new messages.

The app can be removed from the Recent Apps interface or One-touch Speedup can be used to revert back to the hidden status.

Please Note: Hide App can not be installed on Funtouch OS 3.0 or 3.2. 4.0 and 4.5.

How to Hide Apps in Vivo For Funtouch OS 3.0:

1. Tap the blank area on your Home screen to bring up the Hide icon.

2. You need to set theprivacycode and ensure that the password is theexact as well as the Hide icon password.

3.Slide the iconto hide it.

ReminderHide icon are not available in Funtouch OS 3.0 or higher versions (Excluding V5s and V5 Plus).

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How to Hide Apps in Vivo For Funtouch OS 2.6.1 or lower:

1. To selectHide Icon, click theMenuto the left of your Home button.

2.Taphide the app icon and it will disappear from screen.

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How to Hide Apps in Vivo By Third party Apps

We have discovered all possible ways to hide apps on Vivo smartphones by using the inbuilt App Lock feature. If your Vivo smartphone does not have an App Lock feature, you can use third-party apps.

Hide App isn’t available on phones running Funtouch OS 3.1 to 3.2, 4.0, and 4.5. Don’t worry,apex Launchercan be used to lock your apps.

Apex launcheris the third-party app we recommend to hide apps on vivo smartphones. This app can customize your home screen and hide the desired app. Follow the instructions carefully to accomplish this.

1) Visit theGoogle Play Storeand download theApex launcherapp.

2) Download the app, and thencustomize the home screenwithin the app.

3) Next, set theApex launcher app as default. You shouldavoid purchasing the Premium version.

4) Next, go to theApex Settingon thecustomized homepage.

5) You will see theHidden Appschoice.

6) Click the option toselect the appsyou wish to hide from your personalized home screen.

The app has been reviewed and tested by us before we recommend it to you. Remember that hidden apps can be found on the customizable home screen. If you delete Apex Launcher, Hidden apps will appear again on your homescreen.


How to hide apps in vivo t1

1) Open Vivo's smartphone and navigate to theSettings.

2) Go to the Settings section and search for thePrivacy and Securityoption.

3) From the menu, click on thePrivacy and App encryptionsection.

4) You will find theHide Appschoice.

5) If you're using it for the first, set thepasswordand then select the apps you wish to hide.

6) To hide all apps from your phone, click on thehide app.There you can also disable notifications and alerts.

How do I view hidden applications?

You can view the apps in two different ways after they have been hidden

  1. AllowView From Home Screenin Settings. Fingerprint, Face and Password (Face, passwords) Privacy and encryption of apps. Hide App. Hidden apps can be viewed by sliding down using two fingers from your Home screen. This feature is only available on the default home screen.
  2. Privacy >View Hidden Apps

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