How to hide app in Redmi phone

How To Hide App In Redmi Phones?

how to hide app in Redmi?You have found the right article.

Hidden apps in MI Mobile are essential to our security in public places. This feature, hiding apps in MI Mobile, is unknown to many users.

This is a crucial feature when sending your phone to the repair center. For over a year, Xiaomi has sold more smartphones in India than any other manufacturer.

Xiaomi sells technologically advanced Mi and Redmi smartphones. They are new smartphones that come preinstalled with their MIUI user experience, which is an altered version of Google’s stock Android OS system.

TheMiUI User Interface provides many options and tweaks that allow users to order customized features for their devices.

You can hide certain apps inside your phone without any third-partyapps. Please continue reading to learn how to access these hidden apps after they are unlocked.

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How to lock apps in Mi Phones

Locking apps is not the same as hiding apps from your mobile. Your selected app will become visible to all users on your mobile once it is locked. But the user needs to provide a password/fingerprint/pattern.

To hide apps from your Mi smartphone, follow the steps below:

  • Go to Mobile Settings.
  • Go toApplications >> App Lock >> Turn On App Lock
  • You are now inthe Lock appstab.
  • This page lists all the available apps for your mobile device.
  • Now, turn on the app lock to hide the apps you want.
  • All done. You have now hidden the apps you choose from your phone.
  • Only you have access to your hidden apps on your mobile.

How To Hide Apps In Redmi?

It is not the same thing as hiding apps from your phone when you lock apps. You can close an app to make it available, but you will need to create a password to gain access to it.

Only people who have the password can use the app. This security feature will allow you to see running apps by showing a lock symbol in the upper right corner of your screen if enabled.

These steps will allow you to hide apps from your Mi smartphone.

  • Step 1:Open the settings on your phone and unlock your Redmi device.
  • 2nd Step:You will find thesectionunder the settings app.
  • 3rd Step:In theApp “section, you’ll find an option toApp Lock.
  • Step 4 –Openand select ‘App Lock. You will then see a‘Hidden apps’option at the top. The device will prompt you to enable the App Lock service. App Lock is required to hide the Apps on your device.
  • Step 5Here, you will see theApp lockoption as blue at the top of the screen. Also, you’ll find a list of all installed apps on your device.
  • Step 6:Toggle on the app that you wish to lock.
  • 7:Congratulations! You have successfully locked your applications.

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How to unhide apps in Mi phones

It is easy to unhide apps from your Mi Redmi smartphone. It’s as easy as hiding apps. Follow these steps to hide apps from your Xiaomi smartphone:

  • Go to Mobile Settings.
  • Go toApplications >> App Lock >> Turn Off App Lock
  • Click on Hidden Apps at the top right of your mobile screen.
  • This page lists all the available apps for your mobile device.
  • Turn off the App Lock for the app you are interested in.
  • All of this is possible! You can see your selected app everywhere on your smartphone.

How To Open Hidden Apps In Mi Mobile Privately?

Hidden features in Mi Phones allow you to open hidden apps using the app launcher. You won’t have to worry about unwelcome snooping since the only person who can see this feature, is you!

To open hidden apps on your Mi Redmi phones, follow the steps below:

Step 1:Place your two fingers on the home screen of your Redmi phone.

Step 2:The system will require your App Lock password.

Step 3:Once you have entered the correct password, you’ll see a list of all the hidden apps on your phone. Ya, that’s it. Now you can open hidden apps on your Mi smartphone.

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What devices are compatible with the above-mentioned feature?

This process has been tested on the Xiaomi Poco F1 and it works well on other Redmi and Xiaomi devices. It might not work if you have a smartphone from another brand. This procedure is only available for products with the Redmi or Xiaomi branding.

Is the process possible on Android One devices from Xiaomi?

The process works with Xiaomi Redmi and Xiaomi devices. However, it won’t work with the Android One Project smartphones by Xiaomi. People with a Xiaomi Mi A1, Mi A2, or Mi A3 won’t be able follow the above steps to hide apps from their phones. This process was not tested on Blackshark gaming smartphones that ship with Xiaomi’s Miui skin.

Does the feature exist on other smartphones?

Many smartphone manufacturers offer the ability to hide applications, just like Redmi phones. Each manufacturer uses a different process for hiding apps and has different nomenclature. Stock Android allows users to hide unneeded apps from their app tray.

Where do I find the apps I’ve hidden on my Redmi phone?

You will no longer be able find the icon of the app in the app tray if you have hidden it from the app tray. The app is still installed and can be found in the ‘Hidden Apps section of your smartphone. Users can access hidden apps via the Hidden Apps option. They can also remove the apps from their Redmi phones’ ‘Hidden Apps’ settings.


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