Get a Free SSL Certificate
Get a Free SSL Certificate

How to Get a Free SSL Certificate for Website (HTTPS)

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Lets Discuss How to Get a Free SSL Certificate for Website

Your website is more than a host that provides services. It also offers security and trust to its users. Trusted websites make it easy for people to share their credentials. It is important that you take all precautions to ensure data sharing remains secure.

Get a Free SSL Certificate for Website

SSL certificates are required for online payments because they protect your website data. HTTPS could also improve the search engine ranking, so it is worth considering having this feature for your blog. Here are some Certificate Authority Houses (SSL Providers) that can help you get a certificate installed on your website for as low as $$$


What is SSL?

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is an internet protocol that secures data transfer between a user’s browser (and the website they visit).

What is ssl

When they visit websites, every internet user transmits information. These sensitive information include payment details, credit card information, and login credentials. Hackers can hijack this information by using the HTTP protocol. This is where SSL and HTTPS come in. Websites require an SSL certificate from a recognized certificate issuing authority. This certificate is validated and highlighted in the browser address bar by a padlock sign.

Why do you need SSL Certificate for Website?

All websites on the internet should use SSL/HTTPS. It is required for websites that collect personal information such as login details and payment information. An SSL certificate is required if you have an e-commerce store or a membership site that requires users to login. Most online payments require that your website use SSL/HTTPs in order to receive payments.

There are many important uses, and we have listed them below:

1. Before Google, users could access websites without SSL certificates. However, they soon realized that users were being hacked by websites that did not have certificates. Google began flagging insecure websites. If you try to access a website without an SSL certificate, it will pop up and tell you. Also, if your website doesn’t have a certificate, you won’t be able rank your website higher in Google Search.

2. Many payment companies such as Paypal, Paytm and Google Pay, do not accept payments from insecure websites. These payment companies will not accept payments from websites that do not have SSL certificates.

3. These certificates are used to establish trust and legitimacy among users.

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How SSL Certificate Work?

The users must follow a set of steps and procedures to connect to the website using Secure Socket Layer certification.

  • In the search bar, enter the domain name of any website and click on the link to open it in your browser.
  • Your system will verify the SSL certificate sent by the website and then establish a connection between the server, user and each other.
  • Once the system and the user have reached an agreement, a private key will be used to decrypt the data at the user’s side.
  • The encrypted data is now transferred to the server. At the user’s request, the key private key is used to decrypt it.

This makes it easier to keep data sharing secure, and makes the network safer.

Get a Free SSL Certificate


ZeroSSL makes it easy to get your SSL certificate within minutes. After entering your details, you can verify them and voila! Your SSL certificate is ready.

Zero SSL

The SSL certificate generated is free and valid for 90 days. After that, you can renew it at no additional cost. You don’t want the certificate to be renewed manually. ZeroSSL is a certificate authority. They issue certs. Their easy-to-use dashboard makes it easy to manage all your certificates. Free up to three certificates. You can get up to 3 certificates for free, but you can also upgrade to a paid plan that offers unlimited certificates and many other premium features.

  • Wildcard & multi-domain certificate
  • Access to the REST API
  • Technical support

They can also provide a customized solution for clients who have specific business requirements.

Let’s Encrypt

Let’s Encrypt was developed by the Linux Foundation and sponsored by Site Ground, Cisco and Facebook.

Let's encrypt
Let’s encrypt

You can get DV SSL certificates (no OV and EV) for free. However, these certificates should be renewed at the earliest. Why? To achieve their long-term goal of moving the web to HTTPS, the company has adopted a firm position on automatic certificate renewals. 


Basic SSL offers a free trial for 90 days before you purchase. You can concentrate on other aspects of your website, while Basic SSL will take care of the certificate. No Charge for the First 90 Days



Cloudflare (Content Delivery Network), provides SSL certificates for its users. It also protects the site against brute force attacks as well as other malicious attacks. 

CLoudFlare free ssl

It is a CDN and security provider that’s used widely by popular sites like Reddit and Mozilla. Cloud Flare is a CDN (Content Delivery Network), and offers 24/7 support. It also provides free SSL certificates to its users.

SSL For Free

SSL For Free, a non-profit certificate authority, works with all major browsers. SSL For Free is similar to Let’s Encrypt or other SSL certificate authorities.

SSL for free

It offers certificates that can be used for up to three months. Unlimited free for 3 months. You must then renew your subscription for an additional three months for no cost.


You can protect your content and leads if you have it hosted on HubSpot CMS. 

Hubspot ssl

HubSpot handles renewals for you because we understand you are busy. Your SSL certificate will renew automatically 30 days before expiring.


BlueHost offers its customers an SSL certificate for free with all hosting plans. They ensure that users receive the latest software updates. Users can also advance with the secure transmission layer.

Bluehost ssl


GeoTrust provides a complete range of DV and OV SSL certificates. Each certificate comes with automated domain name validation.

GeoTrust ssl free

They are compatible with all major desktop and mobile browsers and have an easy installation process. No Charge for 30 Days, then $149 – $745 annually


Security and privacy are extremely important nowadays. Numerous data breaches and cybercrimes have led to people being cautious about revealing sensitive information on websites.  It is therefore extremely important to make sure that your information is safe and secure on the website you visit. This article will show you How to Get a Free SSL Certificate for Website. If you really liked this article, then please subscribe to our YouTube Channel for WordPress video tutorials. You can also find us on Twitter and Facebook.

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