How To Free Up Space On iPhone

How To Free Up Space On iPhone Without Deleting Apps And Photos

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If you want to free up space on iPhone, there are a few things you can do. One is to delete apps and photos, which will free up space on your device. Another way to free up space is to move data between devices. You can also try optimizing your iCloud account, which will free up more storage on your iPhone.

How can I boost iPhone storage without completely deleting everything

Alongside more storage space, the latest iPhone models also come with upgraded features that occupy some of the 128GB of space: RAW photos and video recording in 4K are only some examples. In the meantime, many millions of iPhone users can manage with just half the space or less. 

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To begin, you should look at what is taking all the space in your iPad or phone by clicking General in Settings and scrolling down to the iPhone or iPad Storage. There, you’ll find an overview of the kinds of media and files that are taking up space on your device.

The best method of freeing up space iPhone storage is down is to remove photos in batches of applications, photos, and other information. But how do you get more room on your smartphone, without deleting everything you’ll ever need? Free up iPhone space with these hidden tricks 

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Optimize your photo storage. 

Photos are among the most crowded memory space hogs however, Apple has made it possible to save smaller photos locally if iPhone storage is at a low. Photos and videos with high resolution are stored in iCloud instead. You can enable this feature via Settings Photos and by tapping on the Optimize iPhone Storage option.

Modify the image file format and resolution of the video. 

The latest iPhone models let you take photos in various formats as well as 4K video. Change to High-Efficiency format for photos by going into Settings Camera Formats and choosing this option from the menu. After that, open the Camera’s Record Video menu in Camera to select a lower-resolution alternative.

Eliminate downloads in streaming services. 

Netflix, YouTube, and Spotify for instance permit users to download content offline. So, how do you free storage space on your iPhone? Navigate to Settings General iPhone Storage, and then locate the app you took offline files from. You’ll find a downloads area under the delete button. Slide media files towards the left side to delete them.

Offload applications you don’t utilize. 

No need to remove an app completely, in the event that you could offload instead and keep the data and documents related to it. In Settings General iPhone Storage, tap any app on the list, and choose Offload App. You can also set your iPhone to automatically do this by accessing the App Store within Settings and turning off Offload Unused Apps.

Clear your browser’s cache. 

This might not be as effective as the other options however if you’re searching for ways to clear space on your iPhone without having to delete applications it will be helpful. Go to Settings, select Safari and then tap Clear History or Website Information. If you are using Chrome click the three dots located at the left-hand side of the display, select History, and then tap Clear Browsing Data.

You now are aware of how to clear your storage on your iPhone without the deletion of any data. Adjust the settings above to ensure that you’re using the phone’s storage capacity to the max!

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How to free up space on iPhone without deleting photos

Don’t use my Photo Stream

If iCloud Photo Library and My Photo Stream are activated on your device, your most recently taken photos are automatically added to My Photo Stream. My Photo Stream album is on your phone. Photos are saved for up to 30 days. If you do not feel the need to sync your photos to your computer or iPad from your iPhone now, it’s time to stop using this feature. (Note that before you turn off the My Photo Stream, you should save any photos you’d like to save.)

Do not keep both images when you turn on HDR mode.

HD Range (HDR) option on the iPhone helps to even out the highlights and shadows of the photo, resulting in the finest quality. Therefore, there’s no reason to save “normal,” lower-quality images, and also high-definition photos. A quick tip: turn off the Keep Normal Photo feature and use HDR photographs. Navigate to Settings, Photos & Camera, and uncheck the Keep Normal Picture option. The saving of two distinct versions of the exact photo can take up space on your phone and could be hindering you from taking further (high-quality) pictures.

Clear the cache of your browser

We’ve all heard it previously: “Clear your cache.” But what a lot of people do not know is that this advice can work for your mobile phone, not only your computer. Navigate to Settings, Safari (or another browser), and then “Clear history and website data” to clean your cache. It might take websites a little longer to load on your device but it’ll clear up space on your smartphone. We suggest that the waiting is worth it.

Stop automatic app updates

Updates for apps can take up your data and battery, and that’s why it’s better to hold off until your connected to Wi-Fi before you complete the update. Additionally, it lets you choose the apps you’d like to be updated and the time when. Go to Settings and then and then the iTunes & App Store and disable Updates.

How to free up space on iPhone using iCloud

If you back up the data on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to iCloud the most important data on your device is protected in a timely manner.

Many applications automatically back up to iCloud once they are installed. It is possible to reduce the amount of data stored in your iCloud backup and clear space on iCloud by stopping backing up apps you don’t need or removing the old iCloud backups.

Select the apps you want to backup to the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

  1. Click Settings > > [your name] > iCloud.
  2. Click Manage Account Storage or tap Manage Storage, then tap Backups.
  3. Enter to reveal the model of the device you’re using.
  4. Remove any apps you don’t intend to back up.
  5. Choose Turn Off & Delete.

If you confirm that you wish to turn off and Remove an app, it shuts off the iCloud Backup feature for that app and erases all its data from the iCloud.


In conclusion, deleting apps and photos on an iPhone can free up space, but it may not be the best decision if you want to keep your phone looking new. So use the above methods to Free up space on your iPhone without deleting apps and photos.

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