How To Download Whatsapp Status Video

How To Download Whatsapp Status Video

Since its introduction in the year 2017 People use WhatsApp statuses to post opinions, news, and some fun posts. Similar to the posting stories on Instagram as well as Snapchat because they all disappear instantly after 24 hours.
There are a variety of situations where we love someone’s WhatsApp status but aren’t sure how to download whatsapp status to our phone. Because we can’t download statuses directly through apps, it is necessary to have to ask our friends to send us the raw video or image in order to send them to others. We use Screenshot tool for saving photos as well as the screen recorder tool to record the video uploaded as the WhatsApp status.

WhatsApp isn’t able to download Statuses. A while ago the platform was able to allow users to download their profile pictures of an individual. However, this feature was eliminated to ensure the privacy of the individual. The users are advised to obtain the permission of the individual prior to downloading their status.

How To Download Whatsapp Status Video in Android

What if there were an easy method to download photos and videos from an individual’s WhatsApp status? Then, here are a few simple steps will allow you to download WhatsApp status to the Android device.

Step 1. Get Google files for Android smartphones.

Step 2. Tap the menu icon located in the upper left corner of the app

Step 3. Click to “Settings” and then turn the toggle to the right of “show hidden files”

Step 4. Open the the File manager on your device

Step 5: Internal storage>WhatsApp>Media>Statuses

Step 6 Every status you’ve seen will appear in the folder. Tap on the image or video

Step 7. Press long on item you want to save it to your preferred location , for instance Camera, WhatsApp images, downloads and more.

The steps may vary depending on the Android device to the next. In the majority of cases you’ll see WhatsApp’s WhatsApp media folder on the screen when you launch your File Manager.

Note:  It is possible to avoid the hassle and use a 3rd Party app to help save the friend’s WhatsApp Status. The app will automatically gather the statuses that you have looked at and display them in a logical way.

How To Download Whatsapp Status In Iphone

In contrast to Android, iOS is not the most flexible platform. However, similar to rooting on Android there is the jailbreak on the iPhones and tablets. Don’t worry, we did not provide you with any tricks in relation to rooting. However you don’t require an unjailbroken iOS device. We’ll show you two great methods to download WhatsApp status in iphone or iPad.

1. Use BuildStore Application

There’s a third-party application known as WhatsApp++ that allows you to save the WhatsApp Status to your iPhone. The status downloads are saved to the Camera roll in Photos. Photos app. But, as WhatsApp++ is an non-official app, it’s not available in the App Store. Fortunately, you don’t have to jailbreak your iPhone in order to access the app, however you must purchase an $9.99/year membership to BuildStore. And then follow the steps

  • Remove the previous version of Whatsapp that you downloaded via on the App store.
  • Sign up your iOS device with BuildStore.
  • Install WhatsApp ++ from here (Open the link in Safari).
  • Join WhatsApp+ with a valid number.
  • Start WhatsApp++ and go to the status page.
  • Click the download button located in the upper right hand corner. choose the destination to save to.

That’s it. You’ve succeeded in saving your buddy’s WhatsApp status to your iPhone

2. Use Screen Recording

This is quite simple and straightforward method you can take advantage of in order to store WhatsApp Status to your iPhone. All you have be able to follow is the steps below.

  • Go to Settings > Control Center.
  • Here, you’ll see the gray record button.
  • Press the Microphone button.
  • After that, you can press to start recording. It will start the 3 second countdown.
  • Launch your WhatsApp program and navigate on the Status tab.
  • You can begin to watch your most-loved Status after which, when you have finished the content you’ve been searching for, it is time to end the recording of the video.
  • To do this, choose to start your Control Center and then press the red Record Buttons. You can also tap the status indicator in red that is at the top of the screen and tap to stop.

We have already explained how to download whatsapp status of all your contacts on different platforms. It doesn’t matter if you are an iOS user or an Android user. The above  method doesn’t require the jailbreak or rooting process. It’s a great third option of doing it with your web browser. You can download funny photos or videos from WhatsApp status. Don’t be a jerk Share it with your pals

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