How To Download Instagram Videos

How To Download Instagram Videos on Android and IOS

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Sometimes you like any video on instagram and want to download that on your phone but don’t know how to download. In this blog we describe how to download Instagram video on android and ios smartphones.

Instagram is about capturing the moment and sharing it with your friends and family. This is the new hub that is receiving massive traffic from the youth these days. Since it is quite a video and image-driven platform, users will want to download videos or images to maintain them for a more extended period. Instagram has provided the option to bookmark a video or any photo that you like. Still, the limitation here is that users cannot access these saved images or videos if they do not have internet access.

While there is no option to download a particular video or image given by Instagram, we have some free apps that you can use to download instagram videos to your device.

How to download an Instagram video on an android device

Step 1: Download and install the “Video Downloader for Instagram” app from PlayStore on your Android smartphone.

Step 2: Now go to your Instagram app and find a video you want to download

Step 3: Tap the three dots “…” at the top right of the video

Step 4: Select “Copy Link” and go back to the video downloader for the Instagram app

Step 5: As soon as you open the app, paste the copied link in the given blank space, the video is now downloaded on your device

Step 6: You can also repost the video by going to the “repost” option and then choosing from “feed” and “stories” as you wish.

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How to download Instagram video on an ios device

Step 1: Download the “Regrammer” free app on your device

Step 2: Go to the Instagram video you want to download

Step 3: Now copy the URL by tapping on the three points “…” at the top right corner of the video

Step 4: Go to Regrammer and paste the link and hit “Preview.” The video is now downloaded to your device

Step 5: You can repost the video on Instagram as a post or story as per your convenience by going to the “Repost” option given below.



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